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Keeping IT Simple Stupid

for Digital Startups & Businesses

Go Digital

Today, running your digital business is just minutes away. We have built a service marketplace to help startups and small businesses go digital so easy as 1.2.3.

Digital Business

Lead the change with innovative tools like Google Workspace & safeguard your digital business – people + assets with Cisco Secure, Cloudflare & more.

Managed Apps

Get your apps up and running safely on managed public clouds with expert support for common apps – WordPress, SQL/NoSQL databases & more.


Host your business critical software like eCommerce, CRM, ERP or any other software in secure containers and powerful servers in private clouds.

Shift to Managed

We modernize your digital workspace & let you focus on your own business with our Managed Services. Our team helps you test drive, initiate and manage your services then watches for anomalies 24/7/365 to proactively act to fix it even before you know about any service outage.

"Thanks to Veribir's autopilot services, since we moved to Google Workspace, we work in harmony from anywhere we are."

Pinar Farimaz / Managing Partner / PR HOUSE

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